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Norwich Odyssey: Civilian Junior Ring, a New Face of an Old Tradition

May 3, 2019

For generations, Junior Ring has marked a rite of passage for the Norwich University Corps of Cadets. From the reveal of the design, to the spring ceremony where the cadets don the rings for the first time, it has become tradition. Plans for the first civilian ring began in the fall of 1989. The design featured the Norwich seal on one side and the student’s major on the other. In 1995, a special civilian crest was developed and the design standardized. Now, a Civilian Junior Ring committee convenes each year to conceive and develop their ring design. In this episode of Norwich Odyssey, two committee members, Crystal Drown ’19 and Ben Zacher ’20 recall, for posterity, a special moment in this year’s Civilian Junior Ring ceremony, which took place April 19.

Host: Jacque Day

Caption: Ben Zacher ’20 (right) with Norwich University President Richard W. Schneider at the Civilian Junior Ring ceremony, April 19. 2019. 

Episode 17

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