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Norwich Odyssey: A “Nontraditional” Path to a Traditional Education

Norwich Odyssey: A “Nontraditional” Path to a Traditional Education

June 14, 2019

Tradition: at Norwich University, we place great stock in it. And part of the Norwich tradition is to embrace evolving ideas about the definitions of terms like, well, “tradition.” For instance, what does it mean to be a “nontraditional” student at NU? These are students who typically live off campus, attend college part time or full time while holding down a job, raising a family, or any combination thereof.

In the 2018-19 academic year, 30 percent of enrolled Norwich undergraduates were either commuters living off campus or students in the online degree-completion programs. If one out of three Norwich undergraduates falls outside the definition of “traditional student,” could it be that we’re entering an era where such labels—traditional and nontraditional—fall away, and our students are called, simply, students?

Tune in to this episode of Norwich Odyssey for a glimpse into the university experience through the lens of a not-so-traditional path to a traditional Norwich education.

Host: Jacque Day. Producer: Crystal Drown ’19. Guests: Judy Wright ’19 and Amy Holt ’19.

Caption: Odyssey producer Crystal Drown ’19 (pictured, far right) with classmates Judy Wright ’19 (far left) and Amy Holt ’19 (center) at 100s Day 2019, Norwich University. In April, the trio convened in the WNUB studios to reflect on their paths as nontraditional students. 

Episode 18

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Norwich Odyssey: Civilian Junior Ring, a New Face of an Old Tradition

Norwich Odyssey: Civilian Junior Ring, a New Face of an Old Tradition

May 3, 2019

For generations, Junior Ring has marked a rite of passage for the Norwich University Corps of Cadets. From the reveal of the design, to the spring ceremony where the cadets don the rings for the first time, it has become tradition. Plans for the first civilian ring began in the fall of 1989. The design featured the Norwich seal on one side and the student’s major on the other. In 1995, a special civilian crest was developed and the design standardized. Now, a Civilian Junior Ring committee convenes each year to conceive and develop their ring design. In this episode of Norwich Odyssey, two committee members, Crystal Drown ’19 and Ben Zacher ’20 recall, for posterity, a special moment in this year’s Civilian Junior Ring ceremony, which took place April 19.

Host: Jacque Day

Caption: Ben Zacher ’20 (right) with Norwich University President Richard W. Schneider at the Civilian Junior Ring ceremony, April 19. 2019. 

Episode 17

Norwich Odyssey: One Love, and LEAP

Norwich Odyssey: One Love, and LEAP

March 22, 2019

With LEAP Week, Norwich University is placing the discussion about relationship violence front and center with a wide range of programming to raise awareness, educate our campus community, and empower change. In this episode of Norwich Odyssey, correspondent Nick Fischer previews the upcoming week-long event by delving into the questions, What is One Love, and What is LEAP? With his guests, Nick also explores the importance of understanding the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Guests: Women’s head lacrosse coach Heather Faasse, Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) office director and head tennis coach Matt Roche, and Ariana Lacombe ’19, a student-athlete and LEAP leader.

Episode 16

Norwich Odyssey (promo): A Preview of One Love Week

Norwich Odyssey (promo): A Preview of One Love Week

March 21, 2019

A glimpse of what's to come with our upcoming episode, previewing Norwich University One Love Week. 

Norwich Odyssey: “Citizens & Soldiers” author, Alex Kershaw

Norwich Odyssey: “Citizens & Soldiers” author, Alex Kershaw

September 28, 2018

With the 200th birthday of Norwich University just under a year away, a new book, Citizens & Soldiers: The First 200 Years of Norwich University by New York Times best-selling author Alex Kershaw, brings the story of the nation’s oldest private military college to life. Kershaw visited the Norwich campus this year during Homecoming to celebrate the book’s release, and he caught up with senior Leah Cifuentes in the WNUB studios. Tune into this special, stand-alone episode of Norwich Odyssey for a glimpse into their conversation about what it means to know your history.

Norwich Odyssey is a joint production of the Norwich University Office of Communications and WNUB FM Radio

(Photo by Michael Carroll.)

Episode 12

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