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Norwich Works: Creating a New Classroom

Norwich Works: Creating a New Classroom

March 11, 2020

College is a time to expand horizons, learn new things, and challenge world views. This can be difficult for students that find what’s comfortable, take multiple classes with the same faculty, and focus on courses in their major. In this episode we shift away from research and focus on the classroom to see what Norwich is doing to get student’s out of their comfort zone.

Music for this episode is by Kevin MaceLod



Assistant Professor of History Mark Boonshoft

Assistant Professor of Political Science Michael Thunberg



Associate Professor of English Amy Woodbury Tease

Professor of Geology Richard Dunn

Professor of English Patricia J. Ferreira

Norwich Works: Little Things, Big Problems?

Norwich Works: Little Things, Big Problems?

November 21, 2019

FROM GLOBAL TO personal issues, we face things that threaten our well-being every day. When we see a dangerous situation, we take precautions to avoid it. But what about the things we can’t see? Allison Neal, assistant professor of biology and winner of the Vermont Women in Higher Education’s Emerging Professional Award, sits down with us to talk about the threats we can’t see and what Norwich University is doing about it.

Music by Kevin MaceLod.

Assistant Professor of Biology Allison Neal

Assistant Professor of History Mark Boonshoft
Assistant Professor of Political Science Michael Thunberg

Episode 2

Norwich Works: Building a Legacy

Norwich Works: Building a Legacy

September 12, 2019

AFTER 200 YEARS of distinguished service, Norwich University is entering its third century of tradition, commitment to excellence, and innovation. In the inaugural episode of Norwich Works, two new faculty members sit down with Dana Professor Emeritus of History, Gary Lord, the country’s leading scholar on Alden Partridge and Norwich University. Join them to explore Norwich’s unique and significant contributions to American life. 

Music by Kevin MaceLod.

Hosts: Mark Boonshoft, assistant professor of history, and Michael Thunberg, assistant professor of political science. Guest: Dana Professor Emeritus of History Gary Lord (pictured).

Episode 1

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