In Conversation with Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster

April 18, 2016

A conversation with Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, Director, U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center & Deputy Commanding General, Futures, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command comprises the fourth podcast in the “America’s Tomorrow,” leadership series. LTG McMaster is the very epitome of a leader. He is a highly acclaimed tactical and strategic Army officer, scholar, historian, and communicator. In his Peace and War Center interview he describes the skills that will be necessary for military leadership in the future, when battles will be fought against enemies that want to wantonly destroy with acts of barbarity and terrorism and how to combat these enemies without sinking to their level is part of the future of the U.S. Army, a future that General McMaster is charged with defining in his present position. He points to the high level of cross-cultural skills that will be required, and especially, empathy for others. Listen to the Peace and War Center’s interview with General McMaster.


In conversation with U.S. Army Gen. (Ret.) Gordon R. Sullivan ’59

April 11, 2016

Listen to an interview with U.S. Army Gen. (Ret.) Gordon R. Sullivan ’59, former Army Chief of Staff, chair of the Norwich University Board of Trustees, and president and CEO of the Association of the U.S. Army, as Sarwar A. Kashmeri asked “Are leaders born or can people learn to be leaders?” Sullivan strongly believes that leaders can be developed through skill training such as public speaking, active listening, and learning to collaborate with others, combined with education. Students should seek opportunities to lead by taking positions of responsibility, and enable learning so that others can develop their own skills. Norwich offers many opportunities for student leadership through athletics, academics, and student life. Sullivan says that Norwich nurtured him as an undergrad while allowing him to figure out who he was and what he wanted to do in life.


WNUB’s Norwich Odyssey, on National Poetry Month

April 8, 2016

Does the narrative voice of a poem—the speaker—represent the voice of the poet herself? VermontBook Award-winner Kerrin McCadden discusses this and other aspects of poetic craft with Jacque Day on the latest episode of WNUB’s Norwich Odyssey. As a bonus, Norwich staff member and student Crystal Drown shares her thoughts on McCadden’s work, and reads one of her own poems. Tune in to the podcast.